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Emulsion Manufacturing

Asphalt Emulsions are a powerful, engineered technology which make possible the most innovative pavement preservation treatments utilized throughout the life cycle of a road.

Duncor manufactures high quality asphaltic emulsions used in our daily surface treatment operations. Our state of the art emulsion plant is conveniently located just off Hwy 11 in Shanty Bay, Ontario for retail sales.

Asphalt Emulsions are an environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost effective product. Its composition is approximately 66% Asphalt Cement, 33% water and 1% emulsifying agent. Emulsions can be engineered for a wide range of conditions, below is a table of emulsions manufactured at our plant.

Asphaltic Emulsion Manufacturing Chart

Duncor’s in house Certified Type C Laboratory monitors quality assurance throughout the emulsion manufacturing process and verifies quality control, testing our emulsion product, for compliance with Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications.

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