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A Fog Seal is a process used on a new chip seal to reduce early stone loss commonly encountered with surface treatments, and to give a nice, black surface.

A water based emulsion, commonly a CQS-1H or equivalent, is sprayed on the new surface with a distributor, overlapping the center line at a rate of +/- 0.5 kg/m². It may or may not be followed by a light coating of a Class IV Sand at a rate of 3-6 kg/m² , depending on traffic requirements.

The end result is a new, inexpensive, black surface that will extend the life of your resurfacing investments.

The Fog Seal applications provide the following benefits;

Stone Retention – Seals in loose aggregate normally encountered with surface treated roads
Winter Maintenance – Dark surface creates a higher road temperature allowing roads to bare quicker
Public Relations – Avoids dust, and windshield/vehicle damage due to flying aggregate when traffic resumes use.

For further information on how to make Fog Seal part of your preventative maintenance program, or which type best suit your needs, Contact Us Today, and protect your paving investments.

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