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Micro Surfacing consists of a carefully designed mixture of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, mineral aggregate, water and additives; proportioned, mixed and uniformly spread over a properly prepared surface. Micro surfacing is a quick-traffic system that allows traffic to return shortly(typically less than one hour) after placement.

Micro surfacing is a surface treatment designed to extend the life of asphalt pavements in fair to good condition by providing skid resistance, restricting moisture intrusion, protecting the structure from further oxidation and ravelling,  and restoring a uniform black appearance. It is the most economical choice when wheel rut levelling is required. Micro surfacing boasts quick construction times and minimal disruption to the traveling public.

It is applied to existing pavements using a specialized micro box, (more comparable to a paver screed than a slurry box) which is connected to the micro mixing unit, as shown. The micro box is variable width, allowing total coverage of a single lane in one pass.

Micro surfacing reduces life-cycle cost by 25-40%, reduces greenhouse gases by 44% or more, reduces raw materials by 35% or more compared to traditional resurfacing methods. Micro surfacing adds 6-8 years or more when applied for optimum preservation performance.

There are 2 different classes of Micro-surfacing, each using different size aggregates:

Type II

Micro Surfacing

(1/8” Aggregate)

Recommended for Urban Residential Roads and Airport Runways

Provides Smoother Ride Surface

Recommended Application Rates are 5.4-10.8 kg/ m 2

Type III

Micro Surfacing

(3/8” Aggregate)

Increases skid resistance

Recommended for Highways
and Levelling Wheel Ruts

Recommended Application Rates Are 8.1-16.3 kg/ m 2

For further information on how to make Micro Surfacing part of your preventative maintenance program, or which type best suit your needs, Contact Us Today, and protect your paving investments.

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